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A majority of your child's learning is out of your control once your child slips into primary school. 

During then, your child's learning capability is heavily dependant on the teacher that your child is assigned to and also the environment they are in.

Most parents in Singapore today would already realise the effectiveness of supplementary tuition as they played a part in this story before.

But when every parent pursues tuition for their child, the competition becomes greater for those who do not have tuition.

And also the advantages lie with those 

Why choose home tuition over group tuition? 

Group tuition mimics the same learning environment a child has at a school in Singapore. 

With economies of scale, Singapore tuition centres are able to offer cheaper rates but at the same time, you are also paying for divided attention of the tuition teacher split between all his or her students.

While any kind of tuition increases a child's exposure to the subject and naturally his or her grades.

Getting the A*s requires your child to achieve a full understanding, tuition should attempt to fill in specific gaps in your child's knowledge.

This can only be done by accessing your child's weaknesses and strengths which is impossible in a group tuition setting.

This can only be achieved with private tuition.

You can also learn more reasons by visiting our education blog.

A simple analogy is private tuition is like specialised medicine. If your child is weak in a certain topic, the private tutor in Singapore can decide to conduct the next 3 or 4 lessons to focus directly on the weaknesses.

In group tuition in Singapore, the tutor is forced to evaluate the class as a whole and address the median weakness within the group. If you child happens to have a different set of knowledge gap, the entire tuition is rendered ineffective.

Why choose Red Dot home tuition agency?

We take pride in delivering the best tutors in Singapore possible at the right budget

Qualified Tutors

Our home tutors are based in Singapore and must at least have a B+ at the subject that they are coaching.

Pre-vetted Certifications

All our private tutors must verify his or her certification before accepting students.

Smart Quality Scoring

Private Tutors that do not perform are automatically removed or degraded in our  Singapore database.

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We are a Home Tuition agency with tutors for all Levels & Subjects

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Cost effective 
Private tuition

There are super-tutors, and on the other hand there are run-off-the-mill tuition centres who repeat the same old outdated content for each and every student.

While it is very expensive to engage a super tutor, your child can achieve similar results from personalised one to one tutoring without breaking the bank with private tuition in Singapore.

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Enjoyable Home tuition in Singapore

There is no need for your child to travel to a "best tuition centre" after lessons just to get an effective refresher for their studies.

Our home tutors will make their way to your home, allowing your child to fully absorb the knowledge in the comfort of your home without distractions such as other tuition mates.

On top of that you are also able to assess this home tutors to make sure your child is absorbing the information and provide timely feedback for more effective home tuition.

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RedDotTutors is an upcoming home tuition agency in singapore aiming to disrupt the way that tutors are sourced and matched.

We aim to slowly integrate Artificial Intelligence and better algorithms top create better matches and also provide the same seamless service as traditional tuition agencies.

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