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What to expect from tuition?

A tutor that has been through A level examinations themselves
Tips & Tricks on how to perform better in A levels
Improvement in grades through out JC exams to help you prepare for your A levels
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Why A level tuition?

The A levels examination is a huge determinant of your future career choices because your grades are going to matter when it comes to securing the university and degree that you desire.

On top of that, most students agree that the difficulty level of the A levels is more than they can chew compared to what they face during their O levels.

No long can students get away with little studying as the examinations are sure to weed out students who have not put in the effort to understand the concepts.

That is why A level tuition is so important.

Affordable A level tutor Singapore rates

Our A Level tuition are reasonably priced as shown below

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What A level Tuition Subjects do we cater for?

Here are some of the subjects that we provide private tutors for

Why invest in good A Level home tuition?

A level examinations is at a different level compared to 
O levels. 

More effective studying sessions

Due to the intensive MOE A level curriculum.

A level Students will spend most of their time after school studying in cafes or libraries alone. That is not the most effective way as you do not know what you do not know and having the right tutor right by your side to "Digest" your information for you can help you to study much faster than your peers.

Get into your dream university course

It is not rare to see people drop out of JC due to the difficulty and enormous stress that students face.

Get maximum assurance that you can get into the degree of your choice and pursue the career that you desire.

Here is how our A Level Exams tutors will provide an advantage to your child:

Effective teaching methods
Our tutors know how to simplify complex concepts so you can understand it easily.
Tips & Tricks
Our tutors have taken their fair share of A level notes and they are open to sharing their knowledge with you
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