Why did we start RedDotTutors?

While Red Dot Tutors doesn’t have the long history and experience of other tuition agencies.

We believe that more can be done to ensure that every student receives quality private tuition regardless of their budget or abilities.

How do we change that? Start with the private tutors of course.

The private tuition industry today is highly unregulated compared to tuition centres which have to be registered with MOE.

We want to tackle the problem by solving the the following questions.

How are the private tutors sourced?

How are they trained?

What are the tutor’s motivations for teaching?

Here our next steps going forward to innovate the tuition industry.


1.) Implement a simple online training programme to help red dot private tutors gain an edge over the industry through structured private tutoring.
We hope that this will be equivalent to the NIE training that teachers receive in order to teach group classes.

2.) Create templates and tracking diaries for our tutors to download as they may have multiple students to track over time. This allows the tutor to know the student’s strength and weakness before each lesson starts.

3.) Create a collective note sharing system so that ALL our students gain an advantage through the power of crowd sourcing knowledge and tips from different tutors.



How do I start booking a private tutor? 🗓 


You can book a primary school private tutor using the contact form on the right.

Not every request turns out in a successful tutor match.

Here are some tips to avoid a long wait for finding your perfect tutor.


✅Tip 1 Be flexible and clear with your availability

 Make sure to submit as many time slots that your child is available for. The lesser the available time slots, naturally the lesser the number of available tutor and the lower chance of finding the perfect tutor for you.

✅Tip 2 Be realistic with your expectations and budget

 Cheap does not equal bad. Most students will see improvement just from the mere supervision of a Private tutor and their own efforts.

Be realistic with the monthly budget you have to ensure your child has enough time to warm up to tutors vice versa and fully focus on learning instead of adapting to different tutors. 

✅Tip 3 Reduce your preference and requirements

We understand that it’s normal to have preferences on who enters your own. However setting requirements on gender or subject combinations will greatly reduce the pool of available tutors, increasing your waiting time.  


What happens after I book?  

We will reach out to our Pool of primary school tutors that matches the criteria in your request form.

You should expect a list of 3-5 tutors and their available schedule that you can select for your lessons after 1 week.

Are you ready to invest in your child? 

Fill up the request form on the right!

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