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Did you know that the tuition industry is worth over $1Billion a year?  

A subset of this industry are Private tutors who have a lucrative hourly rate of a minimum of $25/hour on RedDotTutors, that is almost comparable with a full time salary when you accept our new tuition assignments.

Here’s the brief benefits of being a private tutor for Primary School or Secondary School students.


Flexible Assignments

Take as many lessons as you want, anytime you want to fit your schedule.

Grow your business

Ambitious private tutors eventually grow their classes and earn a sizeable monthly income

be your own boss

Instead of relying on a boss for your income, you are now diversified with different clients.

Here’s a Quick Math Problem Sum about tuition jobs

If you have 10 students and each student pays a minimum of $37.5 per 1.5hr lesson and takes 2 lessons a week. Answer the following.

a.) How much would your monthly income be?
b.) How many hours would you have worked in a week?

Answer – Your monthly income would be $3000 and you would only have a 30 hour work week.

Catch the point here?

*The average singaporean worked 44.9 hours a week, even more depending on certain industries
*This income is based on the assumption that you are charging the minimum rates available, you can command higher prices if you can show results.
*If you have a large demand, you can even open group classes to double, if not triple your income while spending the same working hours.

Why Red Dot Tuition Assignments?

A Private tutor has the following benefits over a full-time career if done right.

✅Greater Flexibility

✅Higher earning/growth potential

✅Better Job Security 

The Gig economy is happening and as the job market becomes tougher, the education market isn’t slowing down.

More graduates are considering private tuition as a full-time career instead of just a side hustle.

At Red Dot Tutors, we understand this trend.

So Instead of amassing a large database of tutors where so little demand is spread over a never ending supply.

We focus on helping just a handful of tutors lead a comfortable lifestyle through our tuition assignments.

To achieve stability with private tuition, you need a good supply of students to teach which is what we are here for!

That is why our signup process may be more thorough than other agencies.

Because we want to work with people who care.


Get your tuition assignments on Telegram
We understand that the times have changed and no contract seems to be the working style.

We will also release our available tuition assignments via Telegram or Whatsapp Broadcasts regularly, first come and first served!

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Prioritisation of information

If you officially register as a tutor on our website right now with the form below and provide your documentations, you will receive a higher priority for assignments ( A priority chat ) 🙌🏻

 🍪Brownie points will be given to the most relevant tutor so provide as much information you can about your preference and availability, there is little incentive for us to extract information from you word by word.kon

*You must produce the requirements documents of proof first upon accepting the assignment.


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Fill in the form to the best extent you can.

You only need to fill up this information once so make it count!

Please upload the following documents to https://Gofile.io and paste the download link in the form.

• Your most recent profile photo
• Certificate proof of achieving your highest qualification
• Result Slips for subject you want to teach for

Why are these documents needed? 

As the tuition industry is still unregulated, we wish to make it a fair playing ground for all tutors we have.

We will only recommend verified tutors to our clientele.

If you have lost your documents, please contact us at hello@reddotutors.com and we will find other verification methods for you.

You will receive a confirmation email once we have reviewed your documents with a link to join our private telegram, Facebook, whatsapp group.

Commission and payment terms

We take the first 4 lessons as commissions for our matching service.


What level do you teach?

What JC level do you teach?

What Secondary level do you teach?

What Primary level do you teach?

What Primary School Subjects do you teach?

What Secondary School Subjects do you teach?

What Junior College Subjects do you teach?

Which region do you want to teach?

Where in the West do you teach?

Where in the North West do you teach?

Where in the North East do you teach?

Where in the East do you teach?

Where in the North do you teach?

Where in the South do you teach?

Where in the Central do you teach?

Which days can you teach?

What time slots are you available on Monday?

What time slots are you available on Tuesday?

What time slots are you available on Wednesday?

What time slots are you available on Thursday?

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What time slots are you available on Sunday?