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A tutor that understands chemistry
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Improvement in Chemistry Grades with the help of our first-rate tutors
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Why chemistry?

Chemistry is important because everything you do is chemistry.

In fact, everything in the world is made up of chemistry.

By understanding Chemistry, your child would be able to further understand cause and effects in the real world.

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Why invest in great chemistry tuition?

Chemistry is everywhere, from the plastics we touch or the perfume we smell.

Chemistry will always be relevant

From mass consumer products like the food we eat, the detergent we use or even pharmaceutical products, chemistry is the foundation of how it is produced.

The need for chemists will always be present simply because everything in the world is made of chemicals.

Future proof your child's career today with great chemistry tuition.

Chemistry examinations are not easy

Like all science tuition subjects, Chemistry is a difficult subject to excel at.

Your child might not fully understand the subject as different schools have a different way of teaching chemistry. The depth of the subject being taught varies, which might be insufficient for your child.

Thus Chemistry tuition is required to fill in the gaps in knowledge that are common in schools due to group teaching as well as the children’s lack of attention from long school days.

Here is how our Chemistry tutors will provide an advantage to your child:

A second perspective
Our chemistry tutors can help your child understand chemistry easily through alternative angles of approaching the subject.
Real life Experience
They understand what are the important tips in the chemistry exams as they have been through it.
Relatable Study buddies
Most of our tutors and young and relatively up to date with the current state of chemistry examinations and they can empathise with your child.

Red Dot Tutors Chemistry Tutors

Parents come to us when they are anxious about their child's chemistry grades.

That's why they come to us for great chemistry tuition.

Our chemistry tutors are vetted carefully prior to recommendation to our students.

We ensure that our chemistry tutors are based in Singapore and that they show physical proof of their grades at school.

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Why private chemistry tutors over group chemistry tuition

The subject is either very easy if you have fully understood the concepts or ridiculously tough.

Chemistry home tuition serves the advantage of making sure that any knowledge gap is filled so that the next topic can be absorbed easily.

Group chemistry tuition tends to fail in the fact where students do not voice out their concerns due to fear of being judged as being "lousy".

Chemistry tuition teachers also do not have the bandwidth to make sure each student knows the concepts until mock test papers, by then it's too late.
Reliable singapore home tutors

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