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Looking for brilliant Chemistry Tuition in Singapore?

Bring out the genius scientist in your child with our qualified Private Tutors for Chemistry in Secondary School and JC.

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Why Chemistry is important?

Chemistry is important because everything you do is chemistry. 

In fact, everything in the world is made up of chemistry.

By understanding Chemistry, your child would be able to further understand cause and effects in the real world.

Why Red Dot Chemistry Tutors?

Here are the benefits of having chemistry tuition

  • Get greater support on chemistry concepts
  • Learn the tips and tricks to memorizing the periodic table
  • See improve chemistry grades

We screen every private tutors to make sure their documentations are accurate and their attitudes are in the right place.

Unlike other agencies who boast a large database and fast turn around time, we take our time to hand pick the most suitable candidate for your budget to ensure that your lessons are sustainable and effective.

How much does our Private Tutors Cost?


Our private tutor's rates differ based on the level of subjects being taught and also the qualification of the tutors.

Private tutors are freelancers and they are free to charge their own rates depending on the value they can put on the table, we do however give an estimate of what to expect when engaging our private tutors.

View our tuition rates estimates here


Some questions to answer before considering chemistry tuition for your child

Why tuition for Chemistry?

Like all science subjects, Chemistry is a difficult subject to excel at.

Your child might not fully understand the subject as different schools have a different way of teaching chemistry. The depth of the subject being taught varies, which might be insufficient for your child.

Tuition is required to fill in the gaps in knowledge that are common in schools due to group teaching as well as the children’s lack of attention from long school days.


Why Private Tuition and not Group Classes?

The quality of a private tuition lesson is better than group classes because firstly, all attention is focused on your child.

The lesson happens at the pace that your child is at instead of an average pace with a group.

Your private tutors are also able to diagnose your child’s strength and weaknesses because they simply have more focus rather than group lessons.

Lastly, the relationship between a private tutor is definitely closer than group tuition, which can be a big motivation for children to work harder and be accountable.

Isn't the school curriculum enough?

Every school’s curriculum is different, however the exam that all students take will eventually be graded by the same standards. 

It is important to make sure that your child learns the content from different angles so that the knowledge is understood completely instead of just being “memorised” only to be forgotten during exams.


How do I start booking a private tutor? 🗓 


You can book a primary school private tutor using the contact form on the right.

Not every request turns out in a successful tutor match.

Here are some tips to avoid a long wait for finding your perfect tutor.


✅Tip 1 Be flexible and clear with your availability

 Make sure to submit as many time slots that your child is available for. The lesser the available time slots, naturally the lesser the number of available tutor and the lower chance of finding the perfect tutor for you.

✅Tip 2 Be realistic with your expectations and budget

 Cheap does not equal bad. Most students will see improvement just from the mere supervision of a Private tutor and their own efforts.

Be realistic with the monthly budget you have to ensure your child has enough time to warm up to tutors vice versa and fully focus on learning instead of adapting to different tutors. 

✅Tip 3 Reduce your preference and requirements

We understand that it's normal to have preferences on who enters your own. However setting requirements on gender or subject combinations will greatly reduce the pool of available tutors, increasing your waiting time.  


What happens after I book?  

We will reach out to our Pool of primary school tutors that matches the criteria in your request form.

You should expect a list of 3-5 tutors and their available schedule that you can select for your lessons after 1 week.

Are you ready to invest in your child? 

Fill up the request form on the right!

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