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A tutor with great understanding of Chinese language
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Why learn chinese?

The Chinese language is slowly catching up in popularity internationally due to the rise in power of the Chinese economy and influence.

It is no surprise if Mandarin becomes the most widely spoken international language in the years to come due to the One Belt One Road project which expands the chinese influence across a multitude of countries.

Thus it is a great advantage to hedge your child early in case English loses it favour as a popular medium for communication in the future.

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Why invest in great chinese tuition?

Chinese will be an important part of the daily life of your child in the future. A great command of the language will allow them to excel in understanding, communicating and even their career in the future.

Keeping up with the global trend for chinese language

As mentioned earlier on.

The one belt and one road initiative in China will not be the only expansion from china. There are also various trends pointing towards the weakening US influence and rise of Chinese influence with monetary currencies in countries participating in the project.

It may be common in the near future to have many Chinese colleagues or do business via the Chinese language and that its why it's important to master the language early.

Chinese examinations are not easy for Singaporeans

The last decade witnessed the rise of American Pop Culture and also a host of other global cultures in Singapore.

This has resulted in the slow decline in the use of Chinese spoken in the households today. They it is easier to learn a language by exposure is but the opposite is also through if the language is less spoken today.

Many children struggle to maintain a conversation in the Chinese language and this could be a great opportunity for your child to stand out from their peers.

Therefore apart from just English tuition, Chinese tuition is very important.

Why Primary School Chinese Tuition?

It’s the most optimal timing for your child to learn languages at a young age.
Chinese is becoming more important as China is currently the number 2 economy in the world.

Although English is still the primary language Singaporeans use, we strongly encourage parents to let their children undertake quality tuition for the Chinese language.

Why Secondary School Chinese Tuition?

It is good to learn and improve your Chinese language in Secondary School. If your child is able to undertake Higher Chinese in O levels, they are able to have an edge in their grades.

Furthermore, the Chinese language is becoming more important as China economy is rapidly growing over the past decade.

Here is how our Chinese tutors will provide an advantage to your child:

Fluent Chinese
Our tutors will be fluent in Chinese and help your child better their sentence structure and expression of the language.
Exposure to Chinese Language
The most likely exposure that your child will have to Chinese will only be during Chinese lessons. Thus it is important for your child to have a home tutor to speak Chinese with if you are not using Chinese in your household.
Reliable singapore home tutors

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