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What to expect from tuition?

A tutor with good command of English
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Improvement in English Grades with the help of our fluent english tutors
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Why study English?

English is a very important language to master. 

It is the most common second language in the world.

The British Council projects that by 2020, two billion people in the world will be studying English. Therefore a good command of english allows you to interact with your global neighbours.

Affordable English tutor Singapore rates

Here are our reasonable rates for qualified english tutors

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Why invest in good English tuition?

English will be your best language of communication even in professional environments. 

English helps you to communicate

It's simple, english helps you to put your ideas to words. It helps you to communicate anything effectively.

Not only that, it helps you to understand important concepts easily without the difficulty of language in the first place.

Primary School English tuition

Investing in great english home tutors will help your child gain a strong foundation for the language in Primary school. Having a great mastery of the language early on allows them to read and love books that are above their grades, bring an exponential benefit to their english proficiency.

Secondary School English tuition

Secondary school english examinations are really difficult and this is where the mastery of the little nuances differ the A students from the rest. 

With better sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary, students can better communicate any ideas to their examiners.

This can be achieved with great secondary school tuition

General Paper ( GP ) tuition

The general papers is unanimously agreed by JC students to be the most difficult english examinations so far. 

It is very difficult because not only do students need to have great english, the analytical skills required and the ability to articulate his or her position on the case studies are crucial to scoring well in H1 English examinations.

That is why h1 english tutors are needed to help students develop these "GP process skills" for their A-levels.

English is difficult because we are in Singapore

While most Singaporeans are speaking English as their primary language today, exposure to Singaporean english can often take a toll on our grammar due to the unique shorthand english used commonly in our society. Thus home tuition is most necessary to overcome this anomaly.

Here is how our English tutors will provide an advantage to your child:

Gain a greater range of vocabulary
Tutors bring about their own set of vocabulary that would take the students months to learn by reading. 
Practice conversation
Our tutors can also practice conversing with the student to help them improve their oral skills.
Reliable singapore home tutors

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