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What to expect from tuition?

A tutor with that has been through JC themselves
Gain an edge in your JC over your peers
Significant Improvement in JC exams grades with the help of our passionate tutors
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Why tuition in Junior College?

Junior College ( JC ) is just a short two years that matters a lot.

Students will often find themselves under unsurmountable stress because ultimately their grades affect their chance of going to university.

It is important for JC students to take this step in bolstering your studies because only they are responsible for their own results at the end of the day.

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JC private tutors are reasonably priced

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*RedDotTutors does not dictate the rates our tutors charge, we will find a tutor that best fits your budget, prices may vary based on subjects and demand of tutors.

What JC Subjects are there?

Here are all the subjects your child has to study for examinations
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Why invest in JC tuition?

Your grades in junior college determines whether you 
enter your choice university course.

Stay ahead of your peers

Most of your fellow classmates will already have some sort of tuition going on without you knowing.

Singapore is very competitive and in order to keep up with your peers, it is important that you invest in the most important asset, yourself.

JC examinations are not easy

A levels are significantly tougher than the Big Os. On top of that, 2 years is all you have to determine whether you pass with flying colors or miss the cut-off point to enter university.

For those who are starting tuition only in J2, it's not too late to quickly catch up on whatever concepts that you have missed out in the first year.

Here is how our JC tutors can help your child

Help you to catch up
Our tutors can work specifically on your weak areas so you can spend the limited time wisely and get the maximum grades possible
Real life Experience
They understand what are the important aspects of A level examinations and they will help you quickly navigate through important topics that will be covered.
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