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Improvement in Malay language Grades with the help of malay tuition
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Why master the Malay Language

Malay is being spoken less among the younger population today due to the decrease exposure to the language in the last decades.

Young Malays struggle to maintain an in-depth conversation in Malay without the use of English vocabularies to supplement their sentence.

It is important to retain this beautiful language as it is still a very important mode of communication in large SEA countries such as Indonesia and our neighbour Malaysia.

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Why invest in great Malay tuition?

It is important to for Bi-lingual individuals to maintain their advantage by being conversational fluent in both languages

The Malay Language will always be important

While the mother tongue language in Singapore has seen its decline in usage over the last decade even among the chinese language.

The Malay language will always be relevant as our increasing infrastructure ties with our neighbour Malaysia will see a greater need for communications to be done in Malay for business or leisure in the future.

Malay examinations are not easy

With decreasing exposure to the Malay language in the household, young Malay students will see a decline in their vocabulary due to the lack of usage or need.

Their mastery of the Malay language will deteriorate over time with lesser use and thus it's very important to build a strong foundation earlier on in their lives.

Other the basic conversational Malay, Malays today struggle to maintain an in-depth conversation in Malay today. Here's a light hearted video to illustrate this.

Here is how our Malay tutors will provide an advantage to your child:

Fluent in Malay
Our tutors will help your child learn more Malay vocabulary and also correct their grammar if needed
Greater exposure to Malay Language
It is common to find younger Malay households using english at home. Having a Malay language private tutor will give your child more opportunities to express him or herself in Malay, helping them familiarise better with the language.