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What to expect from our Maths tuition?

A tutor with good understanding of maths concepts
Gain a greater interest in solving maths problems through challenges
Improvement in Maths Grades with the help of our dedicated maths tutors
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Why study Maths?

Mathematics is more than solving problem sums or algebraic expressions.

If you look closely, mathematics is everywhere around us. The golden ratio, how bees build hexagonal combs, mathematics allows us to quantify the daily phenomenons around us.

In fact, maths is the underlying tool that we can use to understanding important concepts from other disciplines such as science, social studies and even music and art.

Read more on the importance of mathematics in the daily life.

Affordable Maths tutor Singapore rates

Contrary to commons beliefs that private tuition is more expensive than tuition centres, these days the lines are blurred as Singapore tuition centers are charging premium prices for pre-examination revisions. 

The average tuition rates for group tuition in Singapore are usually $30 per hour for Primary School maths tuition, $40 per hour for Secondary School maths tuition and $55 per hour for JC maths tuition.

If you compare it with our tutor's rates guide below, you will see a slight difference of $5-$10 per hour premium for personalised 1 on 1 teaching. That is a great value as you will be getting the full attention of the tutor instead of divided attention between large group of students in tuition classes.

Thus no matter what subjects you choose, we highly recommend choosing a private tutor, on top of that you get to have lessons in the comfort of your home!

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*RedDotTutors does not dictate the rates our tutors charge, we will find a tutor that best fits your budget.

Why invest in good maths tuition?

The answer is simple, your child will develop a bigger interest for subjects that they are good at, what are the possibilities if they love mathematics?

Mathematics is the backbone of engineering

There is a significant lack of engineers all around to world compared to the speed of which technology is advancing.

While a good understanding of physics is important, mathematics of course, is the backbone of miraculous engineering feats and it is not impossible that one day, your child could be the next Elon Musk building rockets and sending people to Mars.

Provided he is great with maths!

Mathematics has differences at every stage

While the PSLE grading system has changed, the difficulty of the exams haven’t.

Compared to languages, Primary school Mathematics is easily the biggest opportunity for any child to achieve a lower AL score.

It is also at this early stage that a child’s love of math is nurtured.

E Maths Tuition

Elementary math focuses more on the everyday application of math in the real world.

E-Math is very handy as a lifeskill even for adults to navigate the working world.

A Maths Tuition

Additional maths was developed for higher level research work.

While it is not common in everyday life, it does not mean that A-Math is tougher than E-Math.

Both Maths have their unique function and concepts behind it.

Here is how our Mathematics tutors will provide an advantage to your child:

Attacking the problem from different angles
Our tutors bring about their own methodology and thought process when solving problems, giving your child an edge compared to traditional methodology.
Tutors have Real life Experience
Our private tutors understand what are the important maths formulas to memorise and also the tips and tricks to spot which methods to apply because they have experienced the mathematics examinations first-hand.
Relatable Study buddies
Our maths tutors are close to our tutees age, allowing them to easily communicate and understand where the tutee is at in terms of their understand of mathematics. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exact prices for the maths tuition lessons?

We can't determine the exact rates for each maths tutor until we shortlist them. We do not dictate the rates that our maths tutors charge for maths tuition as we believe that great tutors should be better compensated while new maths tutors should have a price that reflects their experience so that parents pay a fair price for maths tuition lessons.

How much improvement can I see in maths grades?

The improvement of your child's maths grades is still highly dependant on the motivations of your child. If a child has great interest in maths, the tutors can quickly and effectively convey maths concepts. However if you child is not interested in maths, then the tutor must take time to build up a bond and responsibility in the tutee so that they gain interest in the subject.

Overall it's easier from maths tuition to bring up the maths grades of a child from F9 to a pass than from A2 to A1 as getting distinctions often involves solving very complicated problems while passing requires have a strong fundamental understanding of maths

How long should I hire a math tutor for?

You should hire a math tutor for as long as your budget allows. Why? The more exposure you gain on a subject, the greater the understanding and ability to apply maths problem solving skills during examinations. We recommend you hire a tutor from the start of the subject all the way till the maths examinations and double the sessions before the examinations to revise existing maths topics that are taught earlier on in maths classes.

Is E maths tuition really necessary?

Majority of students are better at E maths than A maths, however some students still struggle to understand Elementary mathematics as they are fundamentally different. Bear in mind that E maths and A maths are different subjects in O levels and thus they should be treated with the same importance. We recommend taking E maths tuition regardless of whether you have A maths tuition or not.

Is Primary school maths tuition really necessary?

Yes, you can build a strong foundation in mathematics with early maths tuition. All maths subjects in further education requires prerequisite knowledge from earlier maths topics, thus we recommend having maths tuition in primary school.

Is A maths tuition really necessary?

Yes, A maths is very complicated for students as it involves difficult maths concepts such as binomial expansions, logarithmic and modulus functions. We recommend A maths tuition to make sure that all knowledge gaps are filled.

Why not maths tuition centres instead of private maths tuition?

Private tuition is always more effective than group tuition due to the personalised attention the student is getting. Imagine this situation, a child missed a small part which the tutor is saying in a group setting and without this knowledge, they are unable to understand the next topic. What is the probability that the student is going to stop the tuition teacher to explain the concept? It's very little as there is a natural tendency for students to avoid disruption during tuition lessons.

However in private tuition, the tutor is able to catch this knowledge gaps as their full attention is on the student and how they answer each question. They can easily observe during tuition lessons where the student is stuck and quickly address it on the spot.

That is precisely why it's very important to choose private tuition over group tuition for maths.
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