It can be tough finding the right tuition centre for your child.

After all, your child’s results and future is at stake and based on what you choose today, it will most likely have an impact on your child’s future.

That is why today, we present you with a list of 23 tuition centers to consider for your child’s enrichment based on our research!

Table of contents

  • How to evaluate a tuition center?
  • 5 Maths tuition centers
  • 5 Science tuition centers
  • 5 English tuition centers
  • 5 Mother tongue tuition centers

How do you evaluate a tuition center?

This answer may differ depending on your priorities and expectation of your child.

It may not even be a tuition “center” that you may be looking for.


Evaluating by expectations

If you are looking to cradle your child all the way up to the ivy league schools through financial support. Finding a super-private tutor may be your best bet if budget isn’t an option.

A tuition center functions similarly to a saloon. You may be enticed by the brand of the saloon but ultimately the hairstylists are the one delivering the results.

While the brand is permanent, the hairstylists are not. Similarly, in the tuition centers, great tutors will often branch out and start their own private tuition practice because they know where their value lies.

These tutors have a proven track record of turning Ds into A* and if you have the budget to do so, we say skip the tuition centers and head for the experts.

On the other hand, if you do not have such ambitions for your child, a tuition center is a great alternative because it is simply more cost-effective due to economies of scale.

Evaluating by budget

I am sure that you have already dedicated a sum of money in your child’s education fund to supplementing your child education.

Whether the budget is big or small, this is no issue because ultimately as long as your child is going to tuition, they will already see improved results.

An expensive and premium tuition center may not mean a better grade whilst an affordable and “Cheap” tuition center does not mean a lousier grade.

It ultimately boils down to the tutors ( Once again ) that are teaching your child.

I would suggest making a simple list of tuition centers in the market, evaluating the specific tutor’s results ( Checking if the tutor is still with the Center ) and then finding the best tutor that fits within your budget.

Evaluating by location

If you are not all that concern about budgets or results and you just want your child to have some form of tuition just because.

The convenience or safety of your child will be important because tuition centers do require you to “physically” travel to them.

In that case, selecting the closest tuition center is the obvious choice but wait.

If convenience is really your biggest concern then let’s take a step back and explore our options.

Private home tutors or even online tuition may be a better option in this case.

Evaluating by legitimacy

Do you know? Tuition centres must be registered with MOE as long as there are 10 or more students in a centre.

They will be audited based on the legitimacy of the qualifications provided by their tutors.

In a recent case, a tutor named Kelvin Ong was exposed for faking his credentials so it is more common than you think.

In conclusion

Now that you know all your options and you have a simple matrix for evaluating tuition centers, we have already gone ahead and research the best tuition “options” based on each criterion.