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Our experience O level tutors can help your child achieved the desired L1R5 score with effective O level tuition

What to expect from tuition?

A tutor that has been through O level examinations themsevles
Tips & Tricks on how to perform better in O levels
Improvement in grades through out school exams to help them prepare for O level tests
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Why tuition for the big Os?

The number of subjects your child has to study for O level is significantly more than what they have previously faced in PSLE.

This means that a good grade in PSLE will not be a good gauge of how your child does in their O levels.

The O'levels are very important because regardless of what the school teachers, it is a Cambridge exam after all and you can't be certain that your child's tutor has spotted the questions correctly.

A tutor offers a third perspective on what additional topics that your child's school teacher may have missed out.

Affordable O level tutor Singapore rates

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What Secondary School Subjects are there?

Here are all the subjects your child has to study for examinations

Why invest in good O Level tuition?

School curriculum is never enough as this examinations is administered by Cambridge.

More effective studying

Most students will try cramming knowledge at the last minute by themselves when they are studying for O levels. But they do not know what they do not know and thus a third party is very important in helping a student evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Some concepts may also not be in a format which the student can quickly understand and thus a tutor is needed to simplify it further for the student to truly understand the concept.

Helps them get into their dream polytechnic or JC

A better grade will allow them to have their top choices when it comes to school selection avoid unnecessary disappointment which will stick with them throughout their lives because they didn't have tuition.

Here is how our O Level Exams tutors will provide an advantage to your child:

Effective teaching methods
Our private tutors know how to explain concepts and simplify it so that your child can understand it fully.
Tips & Tricks
Our tutors have taken their fair share of notes and they can share it with your child to help them save time when it comes to creating notes.
Relatable Study buddies
Most of our tutors have just taken their O levels recently and they can relate to your child and be their listening ear when they are stressed.
Reliable singapore home tutors

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