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What to expect from tuition?

A tutor that has been through O level examinations themsevles
Tips & Tricks on how to perform better in O levels
Improvement in grades through out school exams to help them prepare for O level tests
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Why tuition for the big Os?

The number of subjects your child has to study for O level is significantly more than what they have previously faced in PSLE.

This means that a good grade in PSLE will not be a good gauge of how your child does in their O levels.

The O'levels are very important because regardless of what the school teachers, it is a Cambridge exam after all and you can't be certain that your child's tutor has spotted the questions correctly.

A tutor offers a third perspective on what additional topics that your child's school teacher may have missed out.

Affordable O level tutor Singapore rates

O level private tutors are comparable to group o level tuition, the difference for both would be an average of an additional $5-$10 premium for personalised 1 to 1 attention during tuition and also having your tuition lessons at the comfort of your home.

We have attached a pricing guide for O level tuition below, we do not dictate the actual price which our tutors charge due to home tuition being a free market in Singapore.

However no matter which o level tutor you choose, we highly recommend going for private o level tuition over group tuition.

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Our O Levels tuition are reasonably priced as below

Part-time Tutors

Full-time Tutors

Ex MOE Teachers

Lower Secondary tuition
Upper Secondary tuition
*RedDotTutors does not dictate the rates our tutors charge, we will find a tutor that best fits your budget.

What O level Subjects are there?

Here are all the subjects your child has to study for O levels examination

Why invest in good O Level tuition?

School curriculum is never enough as this examinations is administered by Cambridge.

More effective studying

Most students will try cramming knowledge at the last minute by themselves when they are studying for O levels. But they do not know what they do not know and thus a third party is very important in helping a student evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Some concepts may also not be in a format which the student can quickly understand and thus a tutor is needed to simplify it further for the student to truly understand the concept.

Helps them get into their dream polytechnic or JC

A better grade will allow them to have their top choices when it comes to school selection avoid unnecessary disappointment which will stick with them throughout their lives because they didn't have tuition.

Here is how our O Level Exams tutors will provide an advantage to your child:

Effective teaching methods
Our private tutors know how to explain concepts and simplify it so that your child can understand it fully.
Tips & Tricks
Our tutors have taken their fair share of notes and they can share it with your child to help them save time when it comes to creating notes.
Relatable Study buddies
Most of our tutors have just taken their O levels recently and they can relate to your child and be their listening ear when they are stressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exact prices for the O level tuition lessons?

We can't determine the exact rates for each O level tutor until we shortlist them. However we do allow you to indicate a budget so we can shortlist a range of O level tutors that are closer to your budget.

How much improvement can I see in O level subject grades?

The improvement of O level grades is still highly dependant on the foundational understanding of each subject in school. If there is little learned in school, it takes more effort and time for our O level tutors to produce results. However if there is already a great understanding of the O level subject, then improving grades will be much easier.

How long should I hire a O level tutor for?

You should hire your O level tutor as early as you can, after all Cambridge O level is the major exam that can determine the life trajectory of the tutee. We recommend to hire a tutor as early as you can to make sure foundational knowledge is strong and increase sessions closer to examinations date to recall earlier topics.

Which subject should I tuition for O levels?

We do not recommend any specific O level subject, however we do recommend hiring a tutor for weaker subjects as it is much easier to bring a student from F9 to a pass than from A2 to A1 as distinctions require a much more complex understanding of the subject.

Why not O level tuition centres instead of private O level tuition?

Private O level tuition is always more effective than group tuition due to the personalised attention the student is getting. Unless you are hiring a super-tutor which can cost a lot more. 

It is easy for students to miss out key concepts for acing their O level exams and during then, they are often not able to ask their tuition teacher because there are many other students in class that the teacher has to focus on.

That is precisely why it's very important to choose private tuition over group tuition for O levels.
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