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Why invest in early primary tuition?

Primary school is where the foundations of all subject matter is developed. 

Help them excel in future education

Mathematics in secondary school is highly dependant on basic understanding of multiplication and problem solving skills.

Early primary school grammar and vocabulary has a great impact on English and literature in further education.

On top of that, the Primary school PSLE score could affect the subject choices that your child has in secondary school.

It's no wonder why majority of parents start their child's tuition in Primary school.

Primary School examinations are getting tougher

These days, you can find even adults confused and getting the wrong answers for simple primary school examination questions.

The world is getting smarter as a whole and the syllabus is incrementally getting more advanced.

For example, Algebra, which is usually a secondary school subject can now be found in Primary 4 mathematics. 

Here is how our primary school tutors can help your child

Motivate your child
It is hard for a child so young to figure out their career choices, however our tutors can be a closer role model due to the smaller age gap and motivate them in the right manner.
Real life Experience
They understand what are the important aspects of primary school examinations and how to help your child practice for those A* questions.
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We aim to slowly integrate Artificial Intelligence and better algorithms top create better matches and also provide the same seamless service as traditional tuition agencies.
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