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PSLE is the first major examination exam for your child

It is no surprise that the grades that your child scores during Primary School leaving examinations ( PSLE ) have the greatest impact on your child's future due to the options it creates or takes away from your child based on grades.

A great PSLE score allows your child to choose a better school which gives them a better environment to focus and continue excelling in life.

A poor PSLE score will limit your child's options when it comes to secondary school subjects and may limit them from pursuing a career that they are always meant to have.

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Why invest in PSLE tutors?

Primary school is where the foundations of all subject matter is developed. 

Revision and refresher for better recall

Even though teachers cover the most important PSLE topics in class. It is not guaranteed that your child has the ability to fully absorb everything that is taught in class especially for subjects like science and maths.

PSLE home tutors can help your child to refocus their effort on what is important and may even point out tips & tricks that your child's teacher may have missed out.

PSLE exams are difficult

Let's face it, even adults have difficulties solving PSLE questions today.

Why? It is because the job economy is more demanding this days and the MOE have decided to revise the PSLE examination grading and syllabus covered in PSLE to keep up with the trends.

Not convinced? Here is a light-hearted video by to illustrate how even adults stumbled on their PSLE exams.
Of course, kids these days are taught all the concepts that will be tested in their PSLE while in their classes but that does not change the fact that PSLE is much tougher than before.

Here is how our private tutors can help your child

Avoid common mistakes
Our tutors have been through PSLE before, if not more recently than us and they fully understand the common mistakes that students make when studying PSLE
Tips & Tricks
They understand how to help your child prepare for those A* questions while helping them practice so the easier questions becomes a breeze for them.
Our tutors will teach your child how to study smart.
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