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Our secondary school tutors are equipped to help your child ace their school examinations with quality secondary school tuition.

What to expect from tuition?

A tutor that has been through Secondary School Curriculum
Tips & Tricks on how to study better in Secondary school
Improvement in Subject grades with the help of our private tuition sessions.
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Why is tuition so important during secondary school?

It can get really busy for your child during secondary school.

Your child can be caught up with various priorities that may be fun for now but not contribute to their examination grades.

Children in secondary school can find themselves heavily involved in school CCAs after school and that can take a toll on their concentration during lessons. 

This is why secondary school tuition is there to supplement their learning so they do not find it hard to catch up during lessons and choose to focus on their CCA as lessons prove fruitless for them.

Affordable Secondary School tutor Singapore rates

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What Secondary School Subjects are there?

Here are all the subjects your child has to study for examinations

Why invest in good secondary school tuition?

These is the stage where your child nurtures their interest in different subject matters. Your child could gain an interest in maths and choose to be in the finance industry, or perhaps fall in love with biology and decides to be a doctor.

Gives them options for career selection

Some teenagers will probably have an idea of what they want to do in the future. 

Even if they don't, getting a good grade in their O'level examinations gives them the options to choose later on instead of being filtered into a profession they do not have passion for due to their O'level results.

This can help them select a course they are interested in Polytechnic or help them go straight to universities easier through A level examinations in JC.

Secondary School Streaming

Streaming also happens in Secondary school which is why it is not only important that your child scores well in the O'levels but also their examinations in Secondary 2 as well. 

A better grade will allow them to select classes which can help them bring out their maximum potential sure as Pure sciences or Pure Humanities.

Here is how our Secondary School tutors will provide an advantage to your child:

Effective teaching methods
Our tutors know how to pique the interest of your child in certain subjects because they know the syllabus well enough and they have been a student them self.
Tips & Tricks
Our tutors have their own private studying notes that they can share with your child. They can also teach your child how to make effective notes to study effectively before examinations.
Relatable Study buddies
Most of our tutors and young and relatively up to date with the current state of secondary school examinations. They can help your child to learn in a fun and memorable manner.
Reliable singapore home tutors

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