Top 3 memorization tips for better information retention

Article by Red Dot Tutors
January 25, 2020

Can't seem to retain any information for your exams even after repeating the words to yourself hundreds of times?

Memorization by repetition is inefficient as well as ineffective due to the way the information is stored.

Information is better retained and deemed as important to the brain when it is connected to other information.

That is why it is much easier to remember a story then boring dates of events in your history subject

Once you understand how our brain works to commit short term memory to long term memory, then the rest is easy-peesy.

Here are the top 3 tips to memorize information quickly:

Tip 1:Assign real meaning to things. 

It is tough to place importance on information if you are not sure what it is used for. It is therefore very important to build upon what is learned in school and gather further interest on the topic.

For example, going to the beach and applying the knowledge of erosion from geography lessons can create a meaningful experience as you expose yourself to the sights, sound, and smell of the concept. When you assign more meaning to concepts, it strengthens the bonds in your brain.

Tip 2: Use memory devices

There are many kinds of proven devices to remember a list of information or their relations with each other.

Here are a few common devices

Acrostics e.g. “My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos” ( A acrostics for remembering the eight planets.

Memory Palace
: This is a trick that card players use to do card counting, this involves visualizing a familiar place that hold meaning to you and associate information to different objects in the house.

: These are good for remembering dates and facts because it gamifies what otherwise would be boring memorization of words. When the brain is rewarded for getting the correct answer, it will commit it to memory just to get that reward again.

Tip 3 Teach it to someone else

The best way to know if you understand a concept is that you can teach it. Because teaching it often requires simplifying the concept for the listener instead of reciting it off the book.

You will have a real-time person questioning you to drive you to find the deepest understanding of the concept.

Once you understand the concept, memorizing it comes as a by-product.

To conclude

We hope that you can apply these 3 simples tips to your next study session and watch your studying efficient skyrocket!

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