How much does it cost to hire a private tutor?


At RedDotTutors, we do not set the pricing of our private home tutors, they are free to quote the value which they feel that they can put on the table.
However we can provide a rough estimate of the rates a private tutor of each qualification will expect.

But before we start, here are the criteria that determines the rates of each tutor

  • The qualification of the tutor
    Is the tutor an Ex-MOE teacher? Have they completed the A-levels? What are the qualifications of these tutor and how well would they be paid in the market today?
  • The level of the subject that the tutor is teaching
    A higher level subject such as secondary school mathematics  will poses a greater difficulty for each tutor and thus the pricing will be based on the value the tutor provides in each hour. Vice-versa, the lower the level of the subject, the easier it is for the the tutor to explain and coach the students.
  • The portfolio of the tutor
    Not all tutors are made equal, some tutor’s have straight As in their examinations and have a proven strategy for studying while others do not have such results but are nonetheless still effective at being a guiding and accountability partner for the tutee. The tutor you choose largely depends on the budget you have at hand as well as the expectations you have of the tutor.

    Saying that, having a private tutor regardless of their portfolio will already have a positive impact on your learning.

Estimated Tuition rates

Part-time Tutor’s fees

A part-time tutor is usually still young and studying in school and thus is very relatable to the tutees.

This allows them to quickly build a bond with tutees and foster a sense of trust and accountability in tutees.

Some part-time tutors are also recently in the tutee’s shoes which allows them to share their notes and studying strategies like a study buddy.

Lower Secondary $25-$35/h
Upper Secondary $25-$40/h
JC or Diploma $50-$75/h


Full-time Tutor’s fees

A Full-time tutor does tutoring for a living. This means that they are far more experienced at spotting opportunities and weaknesses in the tutees.

Most full-time tutors also have a proper structure in lessons to make sure lessons are effective while monitoring a tutee’s progress.

Lower Secondary $35-$45/h
Upper Secondary $40-$50/h
JC or Diploma $60-$85/h


Ex-MOE Tutor’s fees

Ex-MOE teachers are well-versed with the syllabus and marking styles. Some of them even design the school’s subject curriculum which is no wonder why they can command the highest rates today

Lower Secondary $65-$70/h
Upper Secondary $65-$80/h
JC or Diploma $90-$120/h


How do I start booking a private tutor? 🗓 


You can book a primary school private tutor using the contact form on the right.

Not every request turns out in a successful tutor match.

Here are some tips to avoid a long wait for finding your perfect tutor.


✅Tip 1 Be flexible and clear with your availability

 Make sure to submit as many time slots that your child is available for. The lesser the available time slots, naturally the lesser the number of available tutor and the lower chance of finding the perfect tutor for you.

✅Tip 2 Be realistic with your expectations and budget

 Cheap does not equal bad. Most students will see improvement just from the mere supervision of a Private tutor and their own efforts.

Be realistic with the monthly budget you have to ensure your child has enough time to warm up to tutors vice versa and fully focus on learning instead of adapting to different tutors. 

✅Tip 3 Reduce your preference and requirements

We understand that it’s normal to have preferences on who enters your own. However setting requirements on gender or subject combinations will greatly reduce the pool of available tutors, increasing your waiting time.  


What happens after I book?  

We will reach out to our Pool of primary school tutors that matches the criteria in your request form.

You should expect a list of 3-5 tutors and their available schedule that you can select for your lessons after 1 week.

Are you ready to invest in your child? 

Fill up the request form on the right!

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